pondelok 12. apríla 2010

Fron fog lights installation (I decided to stop this due to missing cabling for fod lights)

Got dual switch from Miata NB 10th anniversary. This one has different connector compared to the single rear for switch therefore I'll have to look for wiring diagram. I 'm not sure whether there are included cables for front fog reflectors too in the wiring.

I made few pictures of relays, where front fog relay should be located. This needs to be reviewed with wiring diagram, if all cables and relay is present.

If yes, I plan to look for connector to fit the dual switch.
..will keep this blog updated when I'll get more info.

some additional pictures:

both switches side by side

fuse box - front fog fuse is missing

and relays. blue wires are closer to driver's seat

and finally the wiring diagram for 2002 miata (mine is 2003)

I have found some doc related to relays placed in NBFL's relay box

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