štvrtok 22. apríla 2010

Dust shift boot replacement

To remove upper shiftboot, which was completely worn.
Now the dust shift boot is to be removed with gear lever

After removal of the 3 bolts just pul it out.
The best way how to remove old rubber is to use knife and cut it.
Then clean the gear lever. I decided to replace the white nylon ring (looks in good condition but I had the spare one).
Applied a litte bit of WD-40 on new shift boot before I tried to fit it onto the gear lever (it's pretty tight!).

Tried to remove the rest of the old oil, but there was nothing to remove!

empty turret.. (bad camera focus)

In repair manual there is reccomentded 90ml, I used about 100 ml of transmission oil 75W-90 (GL5)

put both shifter boots back

I bought the insulation, which was missing ("thank you" authorized service, to take it out)

And finally everything right where it belongs!
see my ipod instalaltion? :)


have to say, I was so impressed! There is almost no noise from the transmission. I'm not sure whether it is job of replacement of both worn shifter boots, added oil or just the added insulation. Or all of that has made something..

shifting is much more smooth, so I have to say that missing oil was fail!

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