piatok 21. mája 2010

track day at Slovakiaring

we (drgi and I) have decided to take 30-minutes of free ride at our new shiny racetrack - Slovakiaring near Orechová Potôň. 2 days prior to this event I replaced the engine coolant fluid with success and my miata was ready for hard track-driving.
I changed the tires and my beautiful 16" OZracing wheels were replaced by 15" very light Enkei rims equipped by pretty worn tires Toyo T1R's. I wanted to make them completely gone and buy the new ones, Kumho Ecsta MX.

We have left Bratislava around 5 - 6'o clock evening and been delayed by traffic. Arrived at ring around 7'o clock, signed the necessary paperwork paid 30€ for 30mins and we were ready for fun.

miata ready for the ride

And that was fun! track was quite empty, from time to time one of K1-Attacks have taken me over, or BMW M3... I was pretty slow compared to those cars, mostly due to lack of power but I didn't care. Corners were pure excitement to keep miata to not oversteer, looking for optimal line, getting to apex, and keep exit speed and most possible maximum.
There were several moments when I run faster into the corner and had to go on brakes and sacrify the speed, line, everything but the contact with track :)
Or when I realized that I'm too fast and pulled leg from throttle while cornering... the tail started to slide out and I made some counter-steer corrections.. Yeah that was fun, but it couldn't be :) (if I'd be too late with correction).

I was keeping my eye on gps lap timer and celebrated my first lap under 3minutes. It wouldn't be hard to drive such a laps, I can feel thee is a lot of to improve. A lot of. I know exactly what and where; so it won't be boring at all, next time.

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